One of the things I’ve noticed since I started doing regular tough workouts that really challenge me physically is how much more mentally strong I’ve become.

We tend to think of physical fitness in a very one-dimensional sense. You run, you lift heavy things, you cycle, you swim and you get physically stronger or gain endurance, but that is far from the whole tale. Pushing yourself physically has a huge mental component to it. If you’ve tried to stick with a workout program or even a diet you know this. Your mind says “I don’t want to today,” or “I don’t feel like it,” and in order to keep on track you have a little internal battle with yourself. If you win that battle often enough your willpower muscles get stronger too.

Beyond this, I have noticed that I am just much less bothered by things that used to really aggravate me. I’m more able to roll with whatever gets thrown at me and a lot less emotionally fragile.

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