This makes me wish there was a hell…

This man helped save six children, is now getting harassed for it –

What have we come to as a nation when people do things like this?  What does it say about our culture when dislike of a political figure forces people to twist their minds into knots to come up with ridiculous explanations for how they can make any and every horrible and tragic thing that happens into some kind of cynical political plot?

And how tragically and dreadfully stupid do you have to be to buy into these conspiracy theories in the first place?

It would be somehow easier if this kind of moronitude were strictly the realm of the conservative wingnut, but this is basically the same nonsense that spewed forth after 9/11/01 – the absurd notion that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney came up with a scheme to fly planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon in order to gin up anger to support wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  That came from freaked out and monumentally stupid liberals.  This notion that the killing of 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School was a staged drama on the part of President Obama’s Administration in order to garner support for disarming Americans is equally hateful and ludicrous.

The thing about vast government conspiracies is that they are almost totally impossible. Look at what a dreadful job the US Government does of keeping much more mundane secrets – like diplomatic cables between our embassies and the State Department.  In what bizarro universe would we have to be living in order for simple secrets, known by only a handful of people, to be regularly leaked while a vast, illegal conspiracy to subvert the Constitution would remain unknown?

It really does frighten me how stupid someone needs to be in order to buy into this crap, and it makes my heart hurt to think that someone who went out of his way to help a bunch of frightened children on what was a day so filled with unimaginable horror for them is being singled out by such stupid, hateful, self-absorbed, half-wits.

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