Personally, I think the NRA should be branded a terrorist organization…

Bloomberg Slams NRA’s ‘Paranoid, Dystopian Vision’ – Metropolis – WSJ.

I agree with Mayor Bloomberg.  Armed security guards at schools is a terrible idea that could only be crafted by a cynical group of people who are only interested in protecting the business interests of gun manufacturers.

I have managed security guards, both armed and unarmed in the past, and they are pretty close to useless.  They are underpaid, unskilled and mostly untrained.  If a private armed security guard was placed at my daughter’s school I would remove her from that school.

If I’m going to entertain the possibility that our society is so dysfunctional, so bleak and so without redeeming qualities that the only way to protect ourselves from each other is to put armed protectors around us, then wouldn’t it make sense for those protectors to be police officers?  Police are highly trained and reluctant to draw their weapons unless circumstances clearly dictate such action to be necessary.  Private guards will draw their guns at the slightest provocation or excuse, and I’m sorry folks but an underpaid, overworked, untrained thug with a gun at a school is a far more likely source of danger to our kids than a random loony is.

Here’s the NRA’s agenda, in a nutshell – Arm everyone, let God sort ’em out.  Sounds like the Taliban to me.

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