Lipid hypothesis debunkery…

Some links for friends who have asked for them regarding why fat doesn’t make you fat…

Here’s the mother of all the articles you need to read from Mark’s Daily Apple (if you’re into fitness and health, and want to approach it from a holistic standpoint I’d highly recommend reading MDA regularly, even if you’re not into the paleo/primal deal, because Sisson is a smart guy who does a very good job of making complicated stuff easy to understand, and offers realistic, doable solutions)  You can also poke around the rest of the MDA site for loads more information on the lack of any really convincing evidence that dietary fat makes you fat or causes heart disease:

Here’s a really key clip from the film Fat Head, that summarizes some of the work of Gary Taubes from his book Good Calories, Bad Calories.  Very critical and important information condensed in a simple and easy to grasp clip (albeit with really awful animation):

If you’re really interested in this stuff, get Taubes’ book –

Here’s Dr. Chris Kresser’s website.  This section is devoted to his research on heart disease and there are links to numerous articles here regarding the falsity of the lipid hypothesis:

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