Ugh, me achin’ back…

My heart absolutely goes out to anyone who is a chronic pain sufferer.  I tweaked my back in mid-May and have been enduring mild but persistent pain (and occasionally severe pain) ever since.  That’s a little less than three months of ouchies and I’m already going batshit.  If my doctor were to tell me today that I could expect to live with this pain for the rest of my life I’m relatively certain I’d develop a chemical dependency pretty quickly.

So, what’s going on, for those who care, is that I’ve got a disk out of alignment in my mid-thoracic spine – basically, right where my rib cage starts.  It originally presented as pain in my my lower lumbar region, but once I got sent to a physical therapist the exercises and stretches he gave me to relieve that pain revealed that the lower back pain was just compensatory pain due to the muscles of my left lower back being overworked due to their efforts to stabilize my spine.  So, what looked like a simple muscle strain has turned out to be more serious, and more difficult to fix.

As a result, I’m doing nothing – thus no postings about health and exercise.  Actually, being inactive is easily as frustrating as being in pain all the time.  I loves me some endorphins, and I’m not getting any, damn it. I can also feel my body getting weaker, which is really pissing me off.

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