Can’t exercise? In pain? Time to rant…

Good for you S&P.  About time someone slapped our dysfunctional Federal Government in the face with its own stupidity.  Note here that I am not pointing fingers at any one political party.  As I said to some friends online this morning – there’s really only one political party in the US now – the Asshat party.

The GOP categorically refuse to raise taxes, or even close loopholes in the current tax code that allow people and businesses to essentially legally cheat their way out of paying their fair share.  Want to know why the US will inevitably decline?  Because you cannot fight two major wars simultaneously with no plan to raise the funds to pay for these escapades.

Meanwhile, the Democrats categorically refuse to discuss any modifications to current entitlement programs – even utterly common-sense reforms like recognizing that when Social Security was established, enshrining the notion of a retirement age of 65 years, the average life expectancy was 61.7 years (These things were done with a purpose – even FDR didn’t intend for 100% of the population to withdraw from their Social Security accounts, and he certainly didn’t intend for us to do it well into our 80s, as is the case for a whole lot  of people these days).

You cannot run a government on sacred ideas.  Once political parties hold certain notions sacrosanct it becomes impossible to have reasoned debate around these issues.  You cannot discuss tax reform with a Republican any more than you can have a reasoned discussion with a religious fanatic about the existence of a deity.  You cannot talk about entitlement reform with a Democrat any more than you can discuss evolutionary theory with a creationist.

So, you know what?  Fuck it.  I say we issue swords and shields to the members of Congress, lock them in the Capitol building and let them have at it.  Whoever has the most members of their party left standing gets to run the country their way.  And while we’re at it, since we won’t be able to have reasoned political discussions anymore, we can skip having elections.  Whoever survives the Congressional bloodletting gets to represent us, until we’re too pissed off to put up with them anymore and we can hold a good old fashioned revolution and start over.

Any takers?

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