I think, by far, the worst thing I have to deal with in my various quests towards self-betterment is when my motivation crashes.  I’m not talking low motivation.  I’m talking crash.  Kablooey.  As in, I cannot keep myself on track because I just don’t care.

It’s one thing to be disappointed by a lack of progress towards a goal, but waking up to find I couldn’t care less whether I achieve anything at all is the worst.  Today all I want to do is sit in a hammock and read.  Don’t want to talk to anyone, go anywhere, do anything, etc.  Just *plop* = instant slug.

The thing is, I know it will pass.  Right now I feel overwhelmed by projects.  I’ve got a pile of songs to practice for an upcoming gig, I’ve got PT exercises to do for my back, and new kettlebell exercises to try to learn and perfect (they’ll loosen up my hips, which we’ve determined are a primary cause of my current back problem) and an article due on Tuesday for an FM newsletter I contribute columns to.  I’ve also got a pair of Netflix rentals collecting dust that need to be watched and sent back and progress to be made watching my Venture Bros DVDs.

The latter might not seem like an oppressive goal, watching DVDs, but that’s the thing about feeling low motivation – even meaningless goals, like watching a few episodes of a cartoon, seem frustrating.

So, how do I solve this conundrum?  I ignore my lack of motivation and get off my butt and get to work.  Once again, wish Nike hadn’t stolen a great line – just do it.  Well, at least I did manage to get my Mac upgraded to Lion.

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