Smart folks knew it over 40 years ago…

Here’s a neat video clip of Jack Lalanne that’s at least 40 years old (probably older) in which Jack talks about how to make progress towards your goals by (SHOCK) having a plan.
I’ve said it a ton over the past six months or so.  My wife and kids are probably all sick of hearing it.  Some of my bandmates surely are.  But it’s true – a goal without a plan on how you’re going to get there isn’t a goal at all.  It’s just an idea.  Now Jack isn’t building a detailed life agenda here, but he’s doing something that most folks who have goals don’t even bother to do.  He’s looking at things that can help us get where we need to go and suggesting that we make a commitment to working on all 10 of these things each day.  That’s actually a great strategy.

Sound tough?  Ok, then pick 5 things, and commit to doing something about each 5 every day.  Still too tough (my lord, you’re a wimp, you know that right?) – fine, pick 3 things.  You get the idea.  The important part is to take your goal seriously, identify some things that will help you reach it, and commit to doing something related to each of those things every day.

And, as my good friend Barney has said often, keep looking at your goals and modify when it’s obvious they don’t make sense anymore.  For instance, I hurt my back in May and haven’t been able to do any strength training or really strenuous cardio work since.  That doesn’t mean I chuck my fitness goals out the window, sit on the couch and practice asselhorizontology with a big frown on my face.  It means I had to modify my plan.  Instead of doing 45 minutes of strength training 3 times a week I’ve committed to just move every day.  I take the dog for a brisk walk, ride my bike to the store instead of drive, take walks around the office compound where I work and so on.  My plan isn’t tossed out, it’s altered to fit changed circumstances.

I have to also call attention to Jack’s nutrition advice in this 40+ year old video clip.  Even Jack knew, way back then, that if you want to be healthy and fit you need to avoid the processed white stuff.  Flour, sugar, rice – it’s all bad.  Like Jack said “If a man makes it, don’t eat it.”  How’d that work out for Jack?  He lived to be 96.  At age 60 Jack swam from Alcatraz Island to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.  Oh, and by the way, he was handcuffed and towing a 1,000 boat when he did it.  Dude might have known a thing about fitness and meaningful longevity.
Thanks to Tony Horton for sharing this video on FB.

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