Back in Black

Ok, not going to apologize for not writing here forever.  Nope.  Not gonna do it.  Get over it.

On to business.

Ok, fine, I haven’t written here in ages simply because I was busy casting pearls before swing via social networking.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… you name it, I was wasting my time there.  Not saying I’m abandoning social networks (just started using Google+), but I do think I want to keep this site alive somehow.  Plus, I think I’ve found a topic I care enough about to write consistently about it.  Namely, me.

Now, sure, that defies a pledge I made to my loyal readers years ago, not to navel gaze here.  Well, no one is reading this anyway, so who cares?  Besides, I promise not to get sappy or stupid.  No, this here is going to be about me, but it’s going to be stuff that might actually be helpful and useful to others.  So, one thing you’ll notice shortly is an almost complete revision of the links I’m offering to other sites.

Things I no longer really give a crap about will be left out here.  Pop music is dead.  I doubt I could string together two sentences about the world of pop music that weren’t either a hateful screed against the truly foul state of pop in the 21st century, or equally demonstrative of how old and out of touch I truly and purposefully am (it’s a vicious circle, or a feedback loop – either pop is crap, therefore I no longer pay attention to it or I’m out of touch with it and therefore regard it as crap because of my lack of familiarity with it – see how that works).  Likewise for politics.  Jon Stewart has put it very well – politicians are like monkeys in a zoo.  Being surprised when the monkey plays with himself or chucks a turd at you is just stupid.  The real villains are the news media, who are like the zookeepers of said monkeys.  Things political in this country are awful not because the monkeys are touching themselves inappropriately in front of our children or hurling turds at us – that’s their nature.  Things are bad because the zookeepers are simply describing the genital fiddling and turd tossing instead of tossing a bucket of water on them to get them to stop.

So, what, pray tell, you ask, am I going to write about?  Well, I’ve gone on a bit of a fitness kick since last we met.  I’ve dropped about 40 lbs and gotten myself into the best shape I’ve been in since high school.  The path I’ve taken has been, I think, an interesting one, and doesn’t resemble the one most folks who try to lose weight and get fitter take.  So there’s some fodder for a blog that might actually help others get healthy and fit.  I’m also still a raging baseball fan, and as we enter the second half of the season I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say about it.  Then there’s my never-ending fascination with pop culture.  Yeah, I’ve got plenty to write about.

So, see you around, loyal droogies.

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