Progress update…

As of my weigh-in this morning I am officially no longer overweight.
My BMI is below 25 for the first time in lord knows how long. I’m not
done, but I am almost there. At 146 lbs and some change this is the
lightest and leanest I have been since I was in my late 20’s.

I’m sort of overwhelmed. For those who know me well it will be no
surprise to hear that this project has not been driven by superficial
motives. Sure, I’m totally digging how I look right now, but that is a
side benefit. I feel better, right now, than I have in well over 15
years. I checked my blood pressure this morning (an area of no little
concern to my doctor as little as 2 years ago) and it’s back where it
was 13 years ago when my doctor told me I had the BP of a 13 year old.
My resting heart rate has also dropped about 15 BPM to 60, which is
just awesome.

I have done this while continuing to eat real and enjoyable food (pot
roast, roasted potatoes and sauted yellow squash for dinner last night
– yum). Heck, if I hadn’t given up sweets for Lent I’d celebrate by
making myself a chocolate milkshake. What I have eliminated is the
prepackaged garbage food from my life and started to pay much closer
attention to when and how much I eat. No more giganto portions for me
and no more late night snacking.

I have also starting doing physical activities I love (like running)
and some that I only slightly dislike (weight training). My ultimate
goal is to find an adult soccer league nearby. Now that I can run
again (3.36 miles on Monday), I’m ready to run for a reason on the
soccer pitch. So, if anyone knows of an East Bay league that will take
a 42 year old guy who hasn’t played a full game of soccer in 10 years,
let me know.

For now, color me stoked. The only downside is that now most of my
clothes don’t fit me very well. I can deal with my suits by simply
taking them into the Men’s Wearhouse to get them altered for free
(they’re gonna love me after they alter 5 suits and one tux) but the
rest of my wardrobe is going to need some rebuilding.

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