Progress report #3…

No one said this was going to be easy.

This was a major backslide week in terms of nutrition.  I fault the Super Bowl and the party we threw.  There was entirely too danged much food in our house this week because our guests simply failed to live up to their responsibility to EAT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT.

In all seriousness, post-Super Bowl we had left-over buffalo wings, chips, beer, brownies and all manner of other stuff that is hard to stay away from.  The damage seems to have been minimal though.  I am below 153 lbs, which is better than I should have reason to expect consider the rampant over consuming I’ve done in the past week.  For this I credit sticking with my workouts.

Now before any of my gentle readers get their proverbial panties in a twist and think I’m turning into some kind of pleasure-denying food nazi let me say that I see absolutely no problem with indulging now and then. One of the secrets I’ve learned in this quest to de-blobbify myself is that people who deny themselves pleasure in eating and restrict their caloric consumption to weird formulaic combinations of precise measurements of protein, carbs and fats usually end up losing some bulk, slightly improving their health and appearance temporarily and then, in yo-yo fashion, get fatter and less healthy than they were before.  On a smaller scale, if you don’t treat yourself you’ll binge and blow your program.

The important thing is to eat reasonable portions, and to make that into a habit.  What I try to do is to have one day a week when I let myself give in to my cravings.  I don’t pig out, generally speaking, but I do eat what I want.  The one way I do restrict it though is that I try to make sure that the treats I’m giving myself are worth the trouble.  No crappy fast food (McDonald’s, Burger King and Taco Bell are off the list – if I’m gonna have a burger or a burrito it’s going to be a really good one, made from high quality ingredients) and no bowing at the trough of mindless junk like store-bought cookies or bags of Doritos.  But making myself a chocolate milkshake from Breyer’s ice cream, real milk and good quality chocolate sauce is A-OK.  Likewise cooking myself a burger or going to a good restaurant.  If I’m going to treat myself I want a genuine treat, not a bag of empty calories that will end up making me queasy.

I also keep in mind that overeating once a week requires some extra physical exertion to balance it out.  When I started riding longer distances on my bike a couple of years ago one of the things I’d tell myself was that after riding for 3 or 4 hours I’d burned enough calories to justify getting a sundae somewhere.  The logic was sound, but the problem was that doing a 3 or 4 hour ride once a week was the only serious exercise I was getting.  Meanwhile I was eating way too many calories (my favorite lunch stop was Chipotle – for gringo burritos they’re very good – but one Chipotle chicken burrito with the works and a bag of chips will give you 1545 calories, which is enough fuel for my body for a full day thatincludes a run, and I wasn’t running back then).

My other comment for the week is about how the running is going.  I’m about to wrap up my 3rd week of the Couch to 5K program and it’s finally gotten hard.  The first two weeks I was able to cruise through the runs.  Now it’s tougher.  This week’s program consisted of 4 intervals – warm up; 90 second run; 90 second brisk walk; 3 minute run; 3 minute brisk walk; 90 second run; 90second brisk walk; 3 minute run; cool down.  At the end of my last run my calves and my shins werekilling me.  The thing that was weird was that prior to doing this program I was doing intervals of 10 minutes running broken up by 5 minutes ofwalking and didn’t get pains like this.  Then it dawned on me that it’s all the transitions that are causing the pain.  It’s the process of slowing down on the treadmill that’s getting to me.

The cure, or at least the one I’m trying, is more warm up prior to the run and more stretching after.  We shall see.

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