I got your ace right here…

This is just too funny not to comment on.

[tag]Barry Zito[/tag] has now tied the record for most consecutive opening day losses for a starting pitcher at four. Who did he tie?  [tag]Rick Reuschel[/tag].    Another pitcher who wore a [tag]Giants[/tag] uniform, and who was mostly mediocre in his career with a few years where he was pretty great.  Yup.  That’s Zito.

I’ve said it before many times.  Zito is overrated and does not deserve top billing in anyone’s rotation.  Yes, he has a brilliant curve ball, but if the umps aren’t calling it for a strike the guy’s got nothing to fall back on.  He throws a great change-up, but the fastball that’s supposed to set it off is one of the worst to come out of the hand of a big league pitcher.  If the hitters are able to sit fastball on Zito because the umps aren’t calling his curve for a strike they’ll light him up, just like the Dodgers did tonight.

This is going to be a rough season to be an A’s fan, but we can be consoled by reminding ourselves that at least we’re not rooting for what looks like the worst Giants lineup in a decade.  Actually, I don’t feel the most sorry for Giants fans.  I feel the most sorry for [tag]Matt Cain[/tag] and [tag]Tim Lincecum[/tag].  On any other team these two would be a great one-two punch in the starting rotation, but with the team they’re pitching for Cain and Lincecum are mostly going to just get really good at maintaining a stiff upper lip in the face of an endless stream of losses.  At least for them no one is going to be screaming about their inflated salaries.  That honor will go to Zito.

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