It’s official. I’m a hack…

We bought Ryan a [tag]Wii[/tag] for Xmas.  That is to say, I visited pretty much every mall in the East Bay and eventually found a store that wasn’t sold out of them.  For a day, Ryan thought I ruled.  Then he went back to his usual pre-teen programming.

At first, we like the Wii as a family.  It came with a nifty game that featured simulated bowling.  Karen still rules the roost on that one.  And I am the all-time home run champ in the baseball game that is on the [tag]Wii Sports[/tag] disk.  Fun.

Then darkness fell.  Or should I say, Ryan bought [tag]Guitar Hero[/tag].

I’d messed around with Guitar Hero before but never really tried to play it.  Suffice to say, I rule at virtual guitar slinging.

There’s one problem.

The consensus among my fellow musicians is that if you’re a halfway decent guitar player in meat-life then you’ll blow goats at Guitar Hero.  Oops.  I’ve beaten the game on the easy level and am 3/4 of the way through it on medium.  I even got a 300 note streak on [tag]Metallica[/tag]’s “One”.  Crap.

I’m a hack.

Side note – pretty clever on the part of the makers of Guitar Hero to fill it with classic rock anthems.  Way to keep The Kids ™ on the straight and narrow musically.

Side side note – I unlocked the video of [tag]John Lydon[/tag] and [tag]Steve Jones[/tag] talking about rerecording “[tag]Anarchy In The U.K.[/tag]” for Guitar Hero.  Advancing age has turned [tag]Johnny Rotten[/tag] into a softy.  The man admits to his gaming addiction in the video and that he loves Guitar Hero.  I would pay real money to see John Lydon rocking out to “[tag]Slow Ride[/tag].”

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