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Ok, I’m home sick today, so I guess I no longer have any excuse not wade into the muck regarding the Presidential nominating contests.  Well, of course I could be taking a nap, but what the hell.  You only live once.  *cough*

During the last [tag]Presidential election[/tag] I expended a ton of personal energy blogging on behalf of the [tag]Democrats[/tag] and [tag]John Kerry[/tag] in particular (there’s a special circle in hell for me just for that).  So, I suppose it’s natural for my readers to ask me, frequently, why no words about this current political poop storm.  The answer is a simple one, so I’ll lay it on you…

They all suck.

That’s right.  You heard me.

The one candidate I sort of liked, [tag]John Edwards[/tag], was a non-starter.  He was linked to a failed bid for the White House in 2004, he’s from a state that doesn’t garner much attention on the national stage, he’s done nothing but campaign since he and Kerry lost to [tag]Bush/Cheney[/tag] four years ago and his wife has had a relapse of breast cancer.  On some level I think the guy should be taking care of his wife, but I like him, and I think he’d have made a decent President.  However, I knew he had no chance running against rock stars like [tag]Barack Obama[/tag] and [tag]Hilary Clinton[/tag].

Now someone is going to probably get mad at me for saying Obama sucks, but I’m sorry, he does.  He’s fundamentally invested in the corporate system and has spoken highly of it on numerous occasions.   And that’s the biggest problem I have with him.  John Edwards is right – it’s the corporate power in this country that is the source of most of our problems.  You name it – health care = profit motive.  War in Iraq = profit motive.  Social inequity = profit motive.  Unless you’re willing to tackle the source of the problem you’ve got no hope of solving it.  So while in a contest between virtually any [tag]Republican[/tag] and Obama I’m probably going to vote for him, I don’t like him and I don’t trust him.




Look, let me make this very, very simple.  If Hilary Clinton becomes the [tag]44th President[/tag] of the US of A that will mean that we will have a guaranteed period of 24 years during which no one whose name was not Bush or Clinton will have been President.  24 years.  There are nations in this world whose entire government has not survived 24 years in a row.  And if the GOP stays in as much of a sorry ass-eating mess as it is right now during her first term then she’s pretty much guaranteed a second, which will make it 28 years of Bush/Clinton hegemony over the chief executive office in the US.

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s no way to put this nicely.  That is fucked up.

Never mind that [tag]Bill Clinton[/tag], whose legacy Hilary is running on, was a opportunistic, lying sack of crap whose great achievements in office were mainly screwing over people on welfare and staining an intern’s dress with his semen.  Never mind that Hilary’s plan to reform health care includes fines and jail time for anyone who refuses to purchase health insurance.  Never mind that the Clinton’s are the best recipe for uniting and reviving the lunatic fringe right wing of the [tag]GOP[/tag].  Never mind that stuff.  If we want to continue to pretend we have any scrap of democracy left in our government we CANNOT elect Hilary Clinton to the Presidency.  Because if we elect her then we’ve given up, and eight years from now we can expect to see [tag]Jeb Bush[/tag] running for the nomination of his party, winning it and ascending to the White House.

I’ll say it again.  That’s fucked up.

So I will not, under any circumstances, be voting for Hilary Clinton.  Nuff said.

On the GOP side they suck just as much, but in different ways.  [tag]John McCain[/tag] now pretty much has to have a heart attack or get hit by a bus in order to avoid being the Republican nominee.  There was a time when I liked McCain, but he blew that when he started bending over for the [tag]evangelicals[/tag] who control the GOP.  There’s a chance, now that Romney has bowed out of the race that the McCain camp will realize that the evangelicals have been marginalized and he’ll tell them to screw themselves, but I doubt it.  He’s likely too afraid that doing so would encourage them to run a third party candidate who would siphon away votes from him in the general election.

McCain has painted himself as an independent, but he’s not really.  He’s a war hawk and as much a tool of the military industrial complex as [tag]Ronald Reagan[/tag] was.  And since he’s politically chickenshit he’ll probably grab either [tag]Mike Huckabee[/tag] or [tag]Mitt Romney[/tag] for a running mate to try to round up as much of that GOP evangelical vote as he can, and to try to set up a candidate to succeed him as President should he get elected.  It’s a sure bet his running mate will be much younger than he is to blunt any campaign criticism from the Democrats about his health and age.

Now that Romney’s out there’s not much point in repeating all the text that’s been written about his flip-floppery and opportunist politics.  And Huckabee’s got no chance of winning the nomination.  None at all.  Although I must admit I love his idea of shutting down the IRS and switching to consumption taxes.

Yes folks, once again we’ve got lousy choices before us.  But as [tag]H.L. Mencken[/tag] said, “Democracy is the theory that holds that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

We’re going to get it good and hard this year.  Again.

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