Cow farts…

Ok, this will give you an idea of how my brain works – I read this article about scientists putting enteric bacteria from [tag]kangaroos[/tag] into the intestines of [tag]cows[/tag] to try to reduce the amount of [tag]methane[/tag] cows [tag]fart[/tag] into the atmosphere and I immediately started visualizing this as the beginning of some [tag]dystopian sci-fi[/tag] classic.

The movie trailer would go like this:

“They were trying to save the world”

[shot of scientists in generic biology lab]

“To protect the environment”

[cut to cows in a meadow]

“But something went wrong…horribly wrong…”

[ominous music – cut to scenes of people running screaming in the streets – zoom in on the face of a horrified woman as she says]

“Oh my God!!”

[cut to black]

“Kangacows – coming to theaters this summer”

I know. I’m a sick man.

Thanks to Boing Boing for the link.

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