Not again…

Well, they did it again.  It was something of a given that the [tag]Red Sox[/tag] were going to win the World Series again this year, but why, oh, why did they have to do it with another sweep.  Red Sox fans are annoying and arrogant enough as it is.  They do not need the encouragement provided by their team not simply winning their second World Series in three years, but by winning their second via a [tag]sweep[/tag] in such a short amount of time.

Still, it’s rather amusing that in a roundabout way the [tag]Yankees[/tag] upstaged this Red Sox victory when it was announced during the 7th inning of the game last night that [tag]Alex Rodriguez[/tag] had opted out of the remainder of his contract with the Yankees.  The happiest people on earth to hear that news will be the folks in the front office of the [tag]Texas Rangers[/tag], who were just let off the hook for $21 million dollars that they would have had to pay to the Yankees if A-Rod had stayed with them for the remainder of the contract.  Second happiest, unfortunately, are the folks in the front office of the Boston Red Sox who are, no doubt, already negotiating with [tag]Scott Boras[/tag], A-Rod’s agent, to bring him to Boston.

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