Hurray for the French…

French President [tag]Nicolas Sarkozy[/tag] got up and walked out in the middle of an interview with [tag]Leslie Stahl[/tag] that was being taped for [tag]60 Minutes[/tag] and I say right on.

Sarkozy is in the midst of a divorce from his wife and had stipulated that he would not discuss his personal life during the interview but Leslie Stahl and the producers of 60 Minutes are apparently unable to behave themselves any better than any other segment of the American press can these days.

The reason to interview Nicolas Sarkozy is because he is the [tag]President of France[/tag], a major economic and political power in Europe.  What’s going on in his personal life is not only irrelevant, but uninteresting.  But our media have become obsessed with celebrity scandals, and even go so far as to try to make the mundane scandalous in order to stoke their perverse and idiotic fires.

Sarkozy called his press secretary an idiot in the French press for even scheduling an interview for him with 60 Minutes after the incident, and I have to agree with him.  There is precious little actual news in the American press these days, and little or no interest in anything but gossip and trivia.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some good gossip, especially about overpaid and underbrained pop stars and Hollywood types, but that stuff traditionally had fit neatly into a very specific bucket.  That’s what [tag]The Star[/tag] and [tag]National Enquirer[/tag] are for – cheap, vaguely soiled rumor and innuendo about folks who are famous for mostly being famous.  It’s fluff, and there’s little wrong with fluff if it stays with the other fluff in the fluff bucket.  It goes very wrong when a formerly serious news outlet like 60 Minutes, famous for hard hitting investigative journalism, delves into that bucket o’ fluff.

It would be nice if all serious public figures would simply refuse to interact with the American media unless they behave themselves.  Our major political and social figures should take a page out of Mr. Sarkozy’s book and simple get up and walk away unless the media behave themselves.

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