If he were a horse they’d just shoot him now…

This has been the most frustrating season I can remember as an [tag]A’s[/tag] fan in a looooong time.  Sure, the team utterly and completely stunk in 1998, the last losing season in recent memory, but no one expected them to even be decent that year.  That they won 74 games in 1998 seemed like a bonus.  This season they just reek.

My favorite whipping boy is, naturally, [tag]Bobby Crosby[/tag].  I’ve never been keen on him, but the last two seasons have really turned me against him.  For one, he’s hurt all the time – as in he is, as of today, on the DL again with broken bones in his hand from taking a ball off of it in last night’s game against the Angels.

Crosby just exudes mediocrity.  Early in his career with the A’s I started to turn on him because he seemed like he was afraid to get his uniform dirty.  After watching [tag]Miguel Tejada[/tag] play shortstop for the A’s at the absolute peak of his defensive talents anyone who took his place was likely to disappoint, but Crosby did more than that.  He made me angry.  As far as I am concerned the guy is a hole in the middle of the infield.  Compared with 2nd Baseman, [tag]Mark Ellis[/tag], Crosby always looks like he can’t read the ball coming off the bat.

But ok, so maybe he’s no [tag]Michael Young[/tag], but at least he can hit, right?  Nope.  Crosby was supposed to be a middle of the order power hitter.  He’s got no power and when he inhabits the middle of the order he’s a guaranteed rally killer.

Unfortunately, the A’s have no one in the wings waiting to take over, and with his injury history Crosby is virtually untradeable.  If it weren’t for [tag]Shannon Stewart[/tag] and [tag]Jack Cust[/tag] I’d have nothing to cheer about when the A’s are at bat (except for those occasional brilliant games we get out of Mark Ellis and / or [tag]Marco Scutaro[/tag].  Pitching-wise the A’s have been a lot better than I expected this season.  [tag]Haren[/tag] and [tag]Blanton[/tag] have done great, and [tag]Chad Gaudin[/tag] has been so much better than anyone could have hoped.  They almost make up for [tag]Rich Harden[/tag] spending 99% of the season watching from the DL.

The only real show to look forward to from the A’s in 2007 is what they do at the trading deadline.  My guess is they move everyone they can – [tag]Kennedy[/tag], [tag]Kotsay[/tag], [tag]Piazza[/tag], [tag]Johnson[/tag] and probably Stewart.  They’ve already designated [tag]Bobby Kielty[/tag] for assignment, which is essentially an admission that they couldn’t trade him first but will entertain all serious offers now.

Go [tag]Mariners[/tag]!

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