Me am huge Vinokourov fan…

One of the favorites to win this year’s [tag]Tour de France[/tag] (up until today, when he pretty much fell out of contention) has been [tag]Alexander Vinokourov[/tag] of [tag]Kazahkstan[/tag]. He’s a pretty impressive cyclist, and I’d consider myself a fan, but obviously not as big a fan as the man in the [tag]Borat[/tag] outfit in the photo below.

Me am Borat

If you think that’s an unpleasant image from the photographer’s point of view, imagine what those cyclists had to look at as this guy ran up the hill in front of them. *shudder*

I you want to see it in full motion, there’s a clip on [tag]YouTube[/tag] as well.

Thanks to [tag]Deadspin[/tag] for the link.

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