A fine petard hoisting…

I love the phrase “hoisted on his own petard.”  Most folks have no clue what a petard is (for the record, it’s a special type of mortar that was used to demolish fortifications), but they know that to be hoisted on one means you got done in by your own machinations.

[tag]Dubya[/tag] and his pet Dick ([tag]Cheney[/tag]) got hoisted last week apparently when a Federal judge ruled that the [tag]FCC[/tag]’s fines for indecency levied against the [tag]FOX Network[/tag] were “arbitrary and capricious.”  Turns out the judge based part of his ruling on the documented speech of our President and VP.

See, the law of the land with regard to obscenity in broadcasting relies on prevailing community standards to determine what is and is not decent for broadcast.  When the sitting Vice President is on the record for shouting, “Go fuck yourself” at [tag]Senator Patrick Leahy[/tag] on the floor of the Senate and the President is on the recording telling the Prime Minister of the UK that Syria needs to “get Hizballah to stop doing this shit,” well, then it’s obvious that the standards of community include such verbiage.

I’m not a big fan of cursing.  Not because I’m offended by it, but simply because it shows a lack of creativity. If Dick Cheney were the learned statesman the Vice President of the United States of America should be he’d have been able to come up with a much more creative and interesting epithet to hurl at Senator Leahy.  Perhaps he could have suggested that the Senator stuff himself into a small box to be mailed to Mongolia.  Even better, simply take the high road and not respond at all to whatever it was that angered him.  Honestly, that’s the classiest response of all.  But I doubt anyone has ever accused Dick Cheney of having class.

This is a big “HA HA” moment as far as I’m concerned.  The Bush Administration, via the FCC has been downright harassing broadcasters all over the country with threats of fines for broadcasting indecent content.  Turns out the community standards set by the President and VP allow for plenty of cursing on TV and radio.

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