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Most folks I know who play music if asked will readily give you a list of their heroes who inspired them to get into music.  Most of the time those lists are pretty dull.  If you had a dollar for every guitar player who told you he was inspired to pick up the guitar by [tag]Jimmy Page[/tag] or [tag]Eddie Van Halen[/tag] you’d have enough money to buy out [tag]Bill Gates[/tag]’ share of [tag]Microsoft[/tag].  Likewise, you won’t find many drummers who deviate much from the [tag]John Bonham[/tag], [tag]Keith Moon[/tag], [tag]Neil Peart[/tag] orbit of inspirations.

I was always a weirdo though.  I got into constant scraps with my musical friends in high school and college over my love of [tag]Phil Manzanera[/tag]’s  and [tag]Robert Fripp[/tag]’s guitar playing.  I still get ribbed over saying [tag]Tom Petersen[/tag] and [tag]Cliff Williams[/tag] are my all-time favorite bass players, and not a drummer I’ve known hasn’t guffawed when I’ve declared [tag]Phil Rudd[/tag] the best drummer to ever stalk the earth.

It shouldn’t be any surprise then that my favorite front man and all-around musical genius is [tag]Mark Mothersbaugh[/tag].  What this man did with [tag]DEVO[/tag] will, I’m quite sure, never be completely appreciated.  Too many people think of DEVO as a joke band or some kind of cartoon band.  They don’t get how absolutely radical and different they were from every other band of their time and I’ve yet to see anyone who pulled together as much artistry in a single performance as Mark Mothersbaugh and [tag]Jerry Cassale[/tag] did with DEVO.

Here’s a link to a video clip, courtesy of Weird America, of Mark Mothersbaugh talking about his history as an artist and musician.

Thanks to Boing Boing for the link.

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