They may not win, but they’ll certainly out-rock their competitors…

Back when I played little league my team was sponsored by the local [tag]Catholic Church[/tag].  It may have seemed like a team sponsored by [tag]St. Albert’s Church[/tag] would have an edge over the competition, what with Jebus on our side and all, but it really didn’t work out that way.  As I recall, we lost most of the time, usually in a humiliating fashion.

Seems we had it all wrong.  Instead of getting a franchisee of the [tag]Vicar of Christ[/tag] to sponsor our team we should have gotten a metal band to get behind us.  This is, apparently, precisely what Gary Weight, the coach of a [tag]youth soccer team[/tag] in North Hykeham, England did.  He approached [tag]Lemmy Kilmister[/tag] or [tag]Motorhead[/tag] to see if the band would sponsor his team.  Motorhead said yes and now the Lincolns of North Hykeham not only get to wear very cool and intimidating Motorhead logos on their uniforms, they get to take the field at each game to the strains of [tag]Ace Of Spades[/tag] – undoubtedly the most bad-ass metal song ever written.

These 10 year old boys are no doubt going to scare the bejesus out of their opponents.  I know that when I was 10 if my team played a bunch of kids who ran onto the field screaming with Ace Of Spades blasting in the background that I’d have needed to change my shorts.

And just in case you need a refresher on just exactly how baddass Ace Of Spades is, have a look at this video clip.  If you can make [tag]marionettes[/tag] rock, well, you truly have molten metal flowing through your veins.

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