The Dick is dead…

As satisfying as the drubbing [tag]the GOP[/tag] took at the polls yesterday was, I’d have been just as happy this morning if every other [tag]Republican[/tag] up for re-election to the House had won and dear, nefarious [tag]Richard Pombo[/tag], the butthole who represents my home district, had lost.  It’s icing on the cake that Dick Pombo was just one of many corrupt, shit-fer-brains, religious nutjobs sent packing yesterday.
With any luck he’ll still get prosecuted for graft.

David Roberts over at sums it up as well as any:

From the beginning, you never really believed that anyone would seriously challenge you for your seat in the House. A good ol’ boy like you? Look at those boots! Why, it was unthinkable. You laughed it off, and barely deigned to campaign or speak to the press for the past year. Even when [tag]Jerry McNerney[/tag] — a guy you thought you could steamroll without breaking a sweat — started nipping at your heels, you refused to engage. Woops.

You embodied the cozy corruption, utter fealty to big industry, and mendacious faux conservatism of the 109th Congress. And now? Now you’re gone.

Good riddance, Dick.

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