Hey, it’s like I’ve got a theme going here…

So, the other day I wrote about my retirement from the world of [tag]punk rock[/tag] and over the weekend [tag]CBGB’s[/tag] closes for good.  Hmmm.  Perhaps we’re tied together by a force much more powerful and mysterious than anyone will ever know.  Or maybe it’s just a coincidence.  Nah, it’s that powerful mysterious force thing.  I’m sure of it.

As always, The Onion does a better job of summing up my thoughts on the subject than I ever could.  Maybe I should just get those folks to be my personal spokespersons.

Money quote:

“When I think of the bands I saw there—[tag]The Dictators[/tag], [tag]Blondie[/tag], [tag]Suicide[/tag]—I can’t help but think, ‘time for a prostate exam.’”

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