Cory Lidle…

Poor Cory.  I really do feel for him and his family. However, because I’m a snarky little jerk most of the time I have to comment that if I were his widowed wife I’d demand compensation from Alex Rodriguez.

If the Yankees had beaten the Tigers – which would have required A-Rod to actually fail to stink up the joint last week – Cory Lidle would most likely still be among the living.  Instead of flying around in his airplane last Tuesday he’d have been getting warmed up for Game 2 of the ALCS.

Really, there are few deaths as undignified as a rich man flying an airplane for fun who mashes it into the side of a building.  What’s been worse is watching the hoards of big league ballplayers trying to say nice things about a guy they shunned a lot of the time.  It’s not that Lidle wasn’t an ok guy.  According to many he was a decent fellow to have in the clubhouse and any baseball fan who has paid attention over the past ten years can also say he was a serviceable pitcher (not great, but steady and reliable).

Trouble is, he was also a replacement player in 1995.  He crossed the picket line to play Major League Baseball during the strike.  That got him a lifetime ban from the MLB Players Association, exclusion from MLBPA retirement benefits and exempted from the MLBPA collective bargaining agreement.  It also got him treated like shit by a lot of his fellow players.

When Lidle was traded from Philly to New York this past season he was excoriated by his teammate on the Phillies, Arthur Rhodes,

“He is a scab,” Rhodes said. “When he started, he would go 51/3 innings and (the bullpen) would have to win the game for him. The only thing Cory Lidle wants to do is fly around in his airplane and gamble. He doesn’t have a work ethic. After every start, he didn’t run or lift weights. He would sit in the clubhouse and eat ice cream. … He shouldn’t say that, he shouldn’t say anything like that because he is a scab. He crossed the line when guys like me, Flash (Tom Gordon) and (Mike) Lieberthal were playing. He is a replacement player.”


Lidle’s death leaves only two replacement players active in MLB, Damian Miller and Kevin Millar.

If there’s an afterlife, let’s hope journeyman pitchers get to spend it somewhere where the hitters can’t hit change-ups.

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