Would you just watch the dang game…

So, I’m beside myself with glee about [tag]the A’s[/tag] being within 4 games of clinching the [tag]AL West[/tag].  They’ve got 10 games left to play and 3 of those are against [tag]the Mariners[/tag], who they completely own this year, so I’m feelin’ good about our chances.

Of course we’ll get dropped like a sack of wet hair by [tag]the Yankees[/tag] in the first round of the playoffs, like always, but at least we’ll have made the postseason.

Last night on my way home from work I listened to part of the A’s post-game show and it was hilarious.  A’s fans are so giddy about having such a convincingly winning season that they’re at a loss for something to complain about.  The result was a long conversation about the merits, or lack therein, of “the wave.”  Personally, I hate [tag]the wave[/tag].  Always have.  It was invented, unfortunately, at the [tag]Oakland Coliseum[/tag] by a very odd individual who calls himself [tag]Crazy George[/tag].  George used to dress up in a cape and A’s gear, jump around on the top of the A’s dugout and act as sort of a strange old hippie cheerleader.  He lit upon the idea of getting people to stand up in sequence in a circuit around the stadium and thus was born one of the worst bits of in-game distraction ever imagined by humanity.

Seriously, I hate the wave.  The only thing I loathe more when I’m at a ballgame are those thrice-cursed thundersticks [tag]the Angels[/tag] foisted upon the world a few years ago.  My feelings about all of this sort of nonsense was summed up perfectly by one of the callers to the A’s [tag]Extra Innings[/tag] postgame show yesterday – “Just sit down and watch the damned game.”

Of course I guess it’s considerably easier to do that when your team is winning.  These folks at a recent [tag]Washington Nationals[/tag] game had no such distractions…

uh oh!

I guess you can’t really blame them.  Unless [tag]Alfonso Soriano[/tag] is hitting a home run or stealing a base at a Nationals game I guess you might as well distract yourselves.  As they mention on Deadspin, this would not have gone unnoticed at a Yankees game.

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