Your car is a greater danger to you than terrorism…

Anyone who has ever filled out one of those [tag]mortality calculators[/tag] knows that they don’t ask you about [tag]Al Qaeda[/tag]. They do ask you about your driving habits, your eating habits and whether or not you excercise regularly. Some will also ask if you own a gun. The reason behind this is simple – those are the things that make a real difference as to how long you’re likely to live.

Ryan Singel at [tag]Wired[/tag] has done some homework and put together a handy little chart showing us how pointless the government’s little color coded chart about our risk of terrorist attack is…

terror chart parody Nifty chart, huh? Afraid of dying? Then watch your driving. It’s also instructive that you’re more likely to die of work than you are a terrorist attack. Oh, and all you folks who bought guns to protect yourself from either terrorists or the government (at this point it’s getting hard to tell which is which), well you’re more likely to shoot yourself with your gun than you are anything else.

Apparently you’re more likely to get shot by someone from your local police department than you are to be blown up by Al Qaeda.

My point? Isn’t it rather obvious and haven’t I tried to make this one so many times before? [tag]Franklin Roosevelt[/tag] was right – fear is something we need to fear more than anything else in this life. Fear stops us from living and causes us to make poor choices. When we stop being afraid we start to make the amazing happen.

Big thanks to Boing Boing for the link.

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