In which your humble narrator thanks his stars he’s not a frequent business traveler anymore…

Boy, it sure must have sucked to be traveling on business in the latter half of the last week, and will, I expect, continue to do so for a significant period of time.  Why?  Because our government doesn’t get it.

I’ve written before about how the [tag]DHS[/tag] and [tag]TSA[/tag] are all about securing us from movie plot threats.  Well, [tag]Bruce Schneier[/tag] makes the same point about the recent ridiculous restrictions on airline travelers on his blog.  Here’s a good quote:

Security measures that require us to guess correctly don’t work, because invariably we will guess wrong. It’s not security, it’s security theater: measures designed to make us feel safer but not actually safer.

And another:

[tag]Airport security[/tag] is the last line of defense, and not a very good one at that. Sure, it’ll catch the sloppy and the stupid — and that’s a good enough reason not to do away with it entirely — but it won’t catch a well-planned plot. We can’t keep weapons out of prisons; we can’t possibly keep them off airplanes.

But Schneier’s best point is that the US government’s entire approach towards terrorism is off-base and completely wrong.  There’s a reason why all the major arrests of plotters in the last few years have been made by British and European law enforcement agencies – terrorists are criminals.  You fight them the way you fight all organized crime, not by waging war on borderline states in the volatile Middle East.  Or as Schneier puts it:

The goal of a terrorist is to cause terror. Last week’s arrests demonstrate how real security doesn’t focus on possible terrorist tactics, but on the terrorists themselves. It’s a victory for intelligence and investigation, and a dramatic demonstration of how investments in these areas pay off.

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