NBA nitwittery…

Ok, I really don’t give a damn about [tag]basketball[/tag].  If someone gives me tickets to a game I’ll go and I’ll enjoy it, but I never, and I really mean never, go out of my way to pay any attention to the [tag]NBA[/tag].  That having been said I am a pretty big fan of the [tag]ESPN[/tag] show [tag]Pardon The Interuption[/tag] and Tony and Mike have entertained the heck out of me over the course of the past NBA season with their commentary on the state of the [tag]NY Knicks[/tag].

[tag]Tony Kornheiser[/tag] is close friends with [tag]Larry Brown[/tag], the legendary coach that [tag]Isiah Thomas[/tag] and the Knicks hired to try and right a very wrong ship this season.  Kornheiser has consistently said that Brown’s hands were very much tied by Thomas in terms of personnel, and with the personnel that Brown was given to work with he had no hope of winning.  So what has Isiah Thomas done now?  He’s fired Larry Brown and decided to appoint himself coach to serve in the dual role of General Manager of the team and coach.

This is epic nitwittery run rampant.  I guess he figures at least he doesn’t have to worry about his head coach second guessing his draft picks or player acquisitions in the media now.  I’m going to go farther than call Isiah Thomas a nitwit.  The man is a fuckwit.

Over at [tag]Deadspin[/tag] the comments thread on this story is classic.  Here’s my favorite:

a good friend of mine is a cablevision stock holder. the next time i see him, i am going to kick him in the nuts with a rage that i can only describe as palestinian.

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