File this one under “How to embarass the shit out of your colleagues…”

[tag]Hilary Clinton[/tag] introduced a bill in the [tag]Senate[/tag] to tie any [tag]Congressional pay raises[/tag] to [tag]the minimum wage[/tag].  In other words, if they get a raise, so does everyone else.

Here’s the full text of the bill, courtesy of the [tag]Daily Kos[/tag].

Man, that’s gotta smart.  If anyone votes against it their opponents in the next election can legimitately campaign against them by saying that they were more interested in their own pay raises than those of the working class.  And any Republican who doesn’t vote against it will be hated by his supporters – namely big business.  It’s sort of brilliant in its simplicity.

I’m not a big fan of Senator Clinton, but this kicks ass.

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