Ok, I still hate the Red Sox, but…

Baseball gets a bad rap for being a “boring” sport. If I had a dime for every golf-lover who told me baseball was boring, well, I’d have a heck of a lot of dimes, pal. I will always fondly remember the time I was sitting in [tag]Bongo Burger[/tag] in Berkeley with a [tag]Giants[/tag] game on one TV and an [tag]A’s[/tag] game on the other and a child, a boy of probably 10 or 11, at another table whines to his mother, who is paying completely rapt attention to the Giants game and has probably made him sit there a bit too long, “I hate baseball. Baseball is boring.” To which the wisest mom in the land replied, “Only if you’re stupid.”

I could not agree more. Kids, particularly boys, these days tend to equate excitement with violence, or at least lots of constant running around. This is why so many of them love Football, a game I find about as interesting as watching a corpse rot. Baseball is typically rather bereft of violence. That is, unless you are [tag]Julian Tavarez[/tag].

Tavarez, who was released by the [tag]Cardinals[/tag] and signed with the [tag]Red Sox[/tag], clocked [tag]Joey Gathright[/tag] yesterday after Gathright spiked him sliding into home with Tavarez covering the plate. I remember when Tavarez was plying his trade as a reliever for the Giants a few years back. He was high on my list of professional athletes I never wanted to run into in a bar or a dark alley. The dude’s loco. This, of course, has made him an instant hit with Red Sox fans.

If he gets this wound up during [tag]Spring Training[/tag] you just have to wonder how far into the season he has to go before going postal.

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