Now it starts to get interesting…

You know what?  I hate [tag]Spring Training[/tag].  Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed going to Phoenix a couple of years ago to see some of my favorite players and teams in action in small ballparks and even getting to chat with a few of them.  What I hate is that Spring Training has been turned by [tag]MLB[/tag] marketing folks into a kind of pre-season, like they have in the [tag]NFL[/tag].  People actually pay attention to who wins and loses in Spring Training now and most of the games are packed with spectators.

What’s baffling about this is that Spring Training games are not managed by coaches to win.  They’re managed to get a good look at as many players as they can, work out the kinks and get the big stars warmed up and limber (and hopefully not injured) in time for opening day.

So, I’ll be glad in a week or so when it’s over and we can get down to real baseball.  But one thing I do like about this last week of Spring Training is how the sports media suddenly start to pay attention to the greatest game in the universe.  You see some hilarious and brilliant stories.  So far my fave is this one about [tag]Roger Clemens[/tag]’ rather questionable practice of rubbing his crotch with [tag]Icy Hot[/tag] before he suits up.

I’ll wait for your brain to catch up with that one.

Uh huh.

No, I’m not kidding.

Roger Clemens rubs Icy Hot on his frank and beans before pitching a game.

The men in the audience can now run screaming from the room in horror.  I once put aftershave on my balls when I was a teenager.  I was in agony for an hour.  If I even accidentally got Icy Hot on my business I’d probably shoot myself.

So, what’s Roger’s logic here?  He doesn’t want to get comfortable when he’s pitching.  Alrighty then.  Ok.  Yup.  Roger, you’re a wingnut.

You know who is more of a wingnut?  [tag]Jake Peavey[/tag].  Peavey heard of Roger’s pre-game prep ritual and decided to try it.


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