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The [tag]WBC[/tag] concludes tonight with a game between [tag]Cuba[/tag] and [tag]Japan[/tag]. Let’s dispense with the hooting and rubbarbs in the general direction of [tag]Team USA[/tag] right away – you guys suck. Ok, now that’s out of the way I really can’t begin to describe how happy I am with this final matchup. Cuba and Japan were the first places that we Americans exported our [tag]national pastime[/tag] to so it’s really only fitting that these two teams should meet in the first WBC championship game. I give a big edge to the Japanese team, but can’t count out those scrappy Cubans. Besides, the Cuban team easily has the best uniforms of the whole tournament.

Once the WBC is done we’ll only be a couple of weeks away from Opening Day of the [tag]MLB[/tag] season. I have high hopes for [tag]the A’s[/tag] this year, but that’s usually the case. In fact, I think the 2005 season was the only time in recent memory that I didn’t go into the season expecting big things from my home team.

That having been said the A’s are still, unfortunately, saddled with one of the most clueless managers in the game, the odious and unfortunate [tag]Ken Macha[/tag]. I wish my feelings about Macha could be classified as an irrational hate-on. Nope. He’s a dunderhead who makes patently illogical moves – everything from pulling pitchers who are obviously grooving to leaving guys with no control (like Rincon in the 2004 campaign or Juan Cruz in the early days of last season) in to pitch to monsterous ball destroyers like [tag]Edgar Martinez[/tag] or [tag]Manny Ramirez[/tag] – all because the computer-generated stats on his clipboard say it makes sense.

What any baseball fan worth his/her salt should have learned from the last few World Series champions is that it’s not managers with big clipboards full of data who win the big games. It’s guys like [tag]Ozzie Guillen[/tag] who pay attention to what’s going on in the actual game in front of them who make the right decisions and don’t get in the way of the players who can make a difference.

But hating Ken Macha is done with a lot more wit (and actually quite a bit of toe-curling profanity) over at [tag]Ken Macha Is A Moron & I Hate Him[/tag] with brilliant posts like today’s. Today’s opening sentences are just perfect:

Some guys get to dream of [tag]Jessica Alba[/tag] bending over for some doggy style sex. Me? I dream of [tag]Rich Harden[/tag].

I don’t think that makes me gay.

See? Genius is what that is.

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