Ok, I’m sorry…

That Osmonds clip really was pretty gratuitous. I should be more kind to my dear readers. Ok, fine, I’ll make amends. How ’bout a little ol’ podcast?

  1. [tag]Sugar Minott[/tag] – River Jordan
  2. [tag]Supersuckers[/tag] – On The Couch
  3. [tagThe Angels[/tag] – Face The Day
  4. [tag]The Yardbirds[/tag] – For Your Love
  5. [tag]The Dwarves[/tag] – Satan
  6. [tag]Buzzcocks[/tag] – Get On Our Own
  7. [tag]Motorhead[/tag] – Over The Top
  8. [tag]Blue Oyster Cult[/tag] – Godzilla
  9. [tag]Hayseed Dixie[/tag] – Big Bottom

I guess someone put a quarter in me today or something. I probably won’t post again for weeks.

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