Pat Robertson’s simple world…

It must be nice to have such a neat and tidy worldview as Pat Robertson does – bad shit happened, must be God punishing someone.

When the 9/11/01 attacks happened Pat was right there to tell us all that this was God’s way of smiting us for letting women work out of the home and for granting civil rights to homosexuals. Hurricane Katrina squished New Orleans like a bug and Pat was right there to opine that this was God smiting the wicked people of New Orleans for tolerating gays and libertines.

Now Pat has chimed in on his opinion of what Ariel Sharon’s massive stroke means – it’s God punishing him for giving away territory to the Palestinians.

Maybe I should start applying this logic to my life. Car out of gas? It’s God punishing me for not denouncing the Designated Hitter Rule. Tripped over one of the boy’s toys on the living room floor? That’s God punishing me for Tivo-ing the West Wing. Indigestion? Must be God’s way of punishing me for lingering too long on page 50 of the latest Victoria Secret catalog.

On some level I’ve got no problem with people who hold religious beliefs. If it makes them feel better about their lives and helps them to make sense of all the random and senseless things that happen all around us then fine. Knock yourselves out. But when people start in on this whole fire and brimstone act it really pisses me off. One has to wonder what it is, exactly, that troubles old Pat Robertson so much about two men or two women having sex with each other or Ariel Sharon showing a thimbleful of compassion for a nation of people that his people displaced from their homes.

One wonders.

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