The enemy of my enemy is my friend…

Such a strange feeling overcame me this morning as I read about Johnny Damon signing with the Yankees – I actually started to like the Yankees. You see anyone who makes Red Sox fans miserable gets mad props from me. Like I’ve said before, the Yankees are merely metaphorically evil while the Red Sox are genuinely evil.

Apparently the so-called Red Sox Nation is up in arms. Someone even posted Damon’s soul for sale on eBay last night (eBay naturally took the posting down, since they’re obviously Yankees fans). All I can say is MUWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Wouldn’t it be lovely if they actually traded Manny too? How bad would the Red Sox suck next year without a leadoff hitter (and great center fielder) and the most dangerous power hitter in the AL?

Now if Theo Epstein was still GM of the Red Sox he’d just shrug and say “so what folks, we’ve got a great farm system, loads of prospects and the smarts to know how to fix the holes in our club without having to sell the farm.” Then he’d do something inspired like sign Eric Byrnes (who was non-tendered by the Orioles yesterday) who mashes lefty pitching and covers more ground in the outfield than practically anyone on two legs, and does it in a way that entertains the hell out of the fans. He’d also point out that the Yankee pitching staff is still largely composed of geriatrics who let them down in a big way last year, and that the one guy who shined on the mound for them, Aaron Small, has still not been offered a deal.

But alas for the Red Sox fans, Theo left the building months ago. So probably the team that makes the most hay out of this is the Blue Jays, who’ve made lots of smart off-season moves, were pretty darned good last season to begin with, and who have a GM who wants to win NOW.

I’ll look forward to watching the Red Sox twist in the wind in 2006.

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