Misc bits for Monday…

I thought I’d just run through an assortment of items today, since being at work and it being Monday and all seem to have thoroughly scrambled my noodle…

Ricardo Rincon has truly and finally left the building folks. He’ll now be giving St. Louis Cardinals fans the fits in late innings instead.

Hopefully my stomach lining will recover from all those years of that little butterball waddling out onto the mound in order to throw just the wrong pitch at just the wrong time to just the wrong guy. Now Ken Macha (spit) will have to figure out a new way to obsess on lefty/right match-ups. I’m quite sure he’s up to the task.

As my ex is fond of saying, in men’s sports, it’s really all about the showers after the game folks. Don’t believe me, read up about the locker room hijinks of the Bulgarian state soccer team. Oh, and don’t miss the bit about the goat.

Anyone who has spent enough time listening to me prattle on and on over the past few years will find this story familiar. I completely agree – we’ve got it pretty easy nowadays compared to, say the mid 1860s when the shit was thoroughly and completely hitting the fan on a daily basis and just about the only thing surgeons were good at was amputating limbs. The 20 year old student in the linked article above who thinks we’ve got it toughest now probably never considered little details like, say, having to go outside in the cold to take a crap or keeping a bowl under your bed in the event you need to take a wizz in the middle of the night. Perspective people, please.

Add to the list of things my generation has ruined – Nyquil. The makers of Nyquil, bullied by the Federal Government‘s current fixation on Meth addicts have eliminated psuedoephedrine from the once mega-effective over the counter cold remedy.

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