For some reason last night as I watched game 3 of the World Series drag on and on I got this odd feeling when I saw that Geoff Blum had been brought into the game as part of a double-switch. When I heard he’d be batting third in the next inning I said to myself, “wouldn’t it be funny if he hit the game-winning run,” which he, in fact, did.

It’s one of those ironic moments that seem to happen an awful lot in baseball. Blum was the starting third baseman for the Astros who got displaced by Morgan Ensberg and then shuffled all over creation, from the Devil Rays, to the Rockies to the Padres and finally ended up on Ozzie Guillen’s bench with the White Sox. Who better to knock one out of the park against his former team?

I’d originally said it would be White Sox in 6 games. Now I’m thinking they’ll win it all tonight.

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