More on FEMA being FEEBLE…

Here’s a list of bungles in NOLA on the part of FEMA over the last week. Gotta love it.

My favorite is the USS Bataan just sitting off the coast filled with hospital beds, helicopters and sailors willing to help in any way they can – oh, and also the capacity to make 100,000 gallons of fresh clean water a day – and basically going unused because apparently no one at FEMA thinks any of these things are needed.

Pardon my language, but what a bunch of fucking morons.

I have to believe they’re morons. If I allow myself, for so much as one minute, to believe that they’re doing this on purpose then I’m going to have a cardiovascular incident. Incompetence is at least understandable. It’s bad, and someone needs to lose their job over it, at the very least, but if you’re a nincompoop and you fuck up then, well that’s really not a surprise. Is it? But if you’re fully capable of handling the task at hand and you botch it to this degree… well then you should be shot. And not somewhere nice. No quick clean shot to the head. Nope. One bullet in each kneecap, at close range. Yeah, that’ll do.

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