Fire Michael Brown NOW…

Michael Brown, the director of FEMA, needs to go. His response to the Hurricane Katrina crisis has been pathetic. He has repeatedly tried to excuse his incompetence by claiming he simply did not know the severity of the hurricane and than no one knew that the type of devastation that has occured was even possible. These are easily refutable lies.

Beyond his ineptitude in the face of this crisis we have to consider that if he could not handle a disaster that we had plenty of warning about (hurricanes don’t just appear and squish a city – they take days to form and are tracked constantly) what the hell would this nitwit do with a disaster, natural or otherwise, that occured without warning. What if the levees in New Orleans hadn’t been breached by a giant storm that was on its way with four days’ warning? What if they had instead been breached on purpose by some kook with a political agenda?

If you want to know how to get ahold of the White House to register your displeasure with Michael Brown and join me in demanding his ouster you can find all the contact information you might want here.

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