Yet another reason for me to loathe the Red Sox…

Apparently the Red Sox are the most evangelical Christian team in Major League Baseball. This perhaps explains the quanity of mullets on the team. It also goes a ways towards explaining why they embraced their anti-intellectual identity so rabidly.

I’m fine with baseball players being ignorant. If I wasn’t I wouldn’t be able to stand the game. As Jim Bouton pointed out in Ball Four ballplayers are by necessity a very focused and single-minded bunch. That makes them largely ignorant of the world around them and prone to superstition. And God-Babblers have infested professional sports for the past 30 years with a vengeance, probably moreso in baseball than any other sport.

What has chafed my hide about the Red Sox over the last couple of seasons is their arrogance. Maybe this explains that arrogance a bit. It’s the same flavor of arrogance that George W. Bush has. These folks think they win games because God wants them to.


Go Yankees!

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