Send in the Guard. Oh wait, they’re busy…

Something makes me think that Hurricane Katrina is going to cause Dubya more than just the obvious problems of contributing to the deficit and causing gas prices to hit well over $3 a gallon ($3.15 for premium and $3.03 for regular this morning at my local filling station).

All over the net the question is being asked today – where is the National Guard? Well, duh, folks. They’re in Iraq. Over 100,000 of them to be precise. I like the way Paul Rieckhoff puts it here at the Huffington Post.

Activated Guardsmen have many times raised their voices over the last two years to point out that they joined up to defend their homeland in the homeland and not in a foreign country. Too often they were silenced by criticism and questions about their commitment. But the validity of their concern hits home now as governors make impossible choices between clearing roads, guarding convicts, and evacuating people; and scraping together equipment to fill in for what’s on the ground in Iraq.

If New Orleans’ mayor is right then we may be looking at 10,000 or more dead as a result of this hurricane. Someone is bound to ask how many of those people could have been saved if sending in Guard units to evacuate had been an option.

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