Asshat puts Southern California family in danger, film at eleven…

Whatever your political inclinations if you’re a halfway intelligent human being your should probably regard Fox News as a terrorist organization.

That’s right, I just put Fox News into the same category as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the IRA, ETA and al Qaeda. Why? Simple, their MO is pretty much the same – scare the shit out of people for political and financial gain.

The latest and greatest from Fox News Corp comes in the form of a contributor named John Loftus, who made a very sketchy accusation on air on August 7th. Loftus claimed that he knew the whereabouts of one of the at-large planners of the subway bombing attacks that occured in London in July. In fact, he gave an address and showed satellite pictures of the home where the alleged terrorist mastermind lived, in La Habra, California.

Trouble is, the current residents of the house that Loftus named and that FNC broadcast (and posted on their web site) are not even remotely related to the man Loftus and Fox claimed were there. The result has been significant harrassment and terror on the part of an innocent family. Some nutjub actually went so far as to spray paint “terrist” on the wall of the house. If this provides any consolation it comes in the form of a reaffirmation of what I’ve known all along – only a fuckwit whose shoe size is greater than his IQ actually believes anything they see or hear on Fox.

At the rate things are going with broadcasting in the US we might as well just fold the FCC and take the money allocated to them annually and roll it back into the budget to pay down the deficit. Were the FCC doing it’s job of policing broadcasters FNC would be staring down the barrel of millions of dollars in fines for this kind of reckless reporting that has literally endangered people’s lives. But no. The FCC only fines people for showing bare breasts or for exclaiming fine Anglo-Saxon words for fornication on the air. When broadcasters do something that is actually bad and insupportable even under the loosest interpretation of the First Amendment nothing happens.

Oh, and by the way, it goes without saying, if you continue to support and defend Fox News after this, you’re a jackass.

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