So much for that Federation thingy…

Well, it would seem that even a trip to Mars is pretty much out of the question, so it looks like we’re stuck here. There will be no space battles or interstellar empire building in humanity’s future until we solve some pretty massive spaceship construction problems in order to protect our explorers from deadly doses of cosmic radiation according to this article.

Obviously the folks over at the New Scientist haven’t read their Fantastic Four comics. If they had they’d know that sure, cosmic rays will mess you up big-time, but in the end you get really nifty keen super powers and get to save the world from Galactus.

All kidding aside, once again the future ain’t what it used to be. Heck, I thought I’d be jealous of rich people vacationing on Mars by now.

Actually, there’s a thought. Let’s not tell Richard Branson or any of those other gazillionaire morons about this story. Maybe they’ll send themselves to Mars and develop debilitating brain disfunction and nasty cancers.

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