Oh the humanity…

Ok, there’s no dodging the truth anymore.

The Oakland A’s suck ass this year.

They’re not just bad, they’re awful. As of last night the A’s hitters were 6 for 42 with runners in scoring position. Think about that. Out of 42 times when they’ve had runners in scoring position this year (which is dreadful in and of itself considering that we’ve played 44 games so far – only having runners in scoring position 42 times in 44 games speaks volumes all on its own), the A’s have only managed to drive a run in 6 times. There’s only one word for that – crap.

So, the A’s aren’t scoring. They aren’t fielding the ball either. They’re so error prone they look like the 2004 Red Sox, which, as we saw last year, is just fine as long as you’re hitting the cover off of the ball, which they clearly are not. They also aren’t pitching.

I was fine with the A’s trading Mark Mulder. Much as I liked Mulder with the A’s he looked like he was having mental problems at the end of last season and I was convinced his arm was dead because his fastball dropped from a chirpy 96 mph to 84 mph. He’s doing well with St. Louis (who are the polar opposite of the A’s – absolutely running away with their division already) and I’m glad to see it because he’s a good player, but now the trade is looking pretty awful.

The trade of Tim Hudson was just dumb. Hudson wasn’t just the best pitcher on the A’s staff, he was the leader of the team. And when it came to signing a contract extension with Atlanta this spring, Hudson happily gave them a deal that he’d probably have also given the A’s.

What we A’s fans were left with on the mound was Barry Zito.

A moment of teeth grinding in silence please.

Zito is so overrated it hurts. Yes, he has a dazzling curveball, but the man’s got one of the worst, most hittable, fastballs in all of professional baseball. He’s tried to improve in the offseason by working on a slider, but it’s still a work in progress, so what we’ve got is a guy with one great pitch, a pretty good changeup (that he doesn’t have the confidence to throw in tough counts), a dreadful fastball and a slider that needs work. Are we really surprised the A’s are getting their collective clocks cleaned when their alleged ace is so feeble?

And speaking of feeble – Eric Chavez. Chavey is a great defensive player. Not good, great. But he’s getting $9 million a year now to be a great defender on a team where defense isn’t valued. They didn’t give him that big contract for his glove work. That contract was for the pop in his bat, but as is typical with Chavez he hasn’t found his stroke yet. He’s batting an anemic .224 with 4 home runs. He’s joined in the disappointing bats column by Erubiel Durazo who is batting .237 with 4 home runs. These are the team’s big bats.

Then there’s Jason Kendall. He’s not hitting either. He’s also not contributing much behind the plate. He doesn’t seem to be able to get the ball to second base and every team in the league is taking advantage. When the Devil Rays beat you by running the bases then you know your team is in a mess.

All of this probably equals an early exit for Ken Macha. Several sports radio hosts have begun a Macha-watch. I’m not a fan, but I don’t think Macha has any control over this. He’s got six key players on the DL and his big bats aren’t connecting with the ball.

It’s enough to make you want to cry. But as we all know, there’s no crying in baseball.

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