Pruning and shaping…

I’ve nuked some links over there —>

Mostly I’ve removed sites I no longer visit or sites that haven’t updated their content in so long that I’ve lost interest. If your site got dumped, I apologize. Life goes on.

I’ve also added some sites that I’m visiting more and more often. I used to read Wired online every morning back in the days before the dot com bubble and bust when this whole interweb thingamabob was like a shiny new toy on Xmas morning. I wandered away when their content got dull (mostly during the bubble) and lately I’ve wandered back.

Television Without Pity was absolutely indispensible during the last Oscars. Since then I’ve been hooked. The writing is very good and their perspective on pop culture is just the right mix of sarcasm and reverence for me.

Slashdot and Boing Boing are, likewise, indispensible, but for a very different reason. These two sites cover the stuff in the tech world that no one else notices (or that doesn’t get noticed in the mainstream press until weeks later).

That’s all the virtual landscaping I’m going to do for now. But cobweb sites be forewarned. 😉

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