If there is a God, he seriously needs to start smiting some people…

Don’t be surprised if you get a telemarketing call from United American Technologies soon asking you to switch your phone service from AT&T, Verizon, MCI, etc. to them. Why? Because the aforementioned companies are in league with Satan or something.

Basically, UAT is a fundi-Christian funded phone company who are marketing themselves based on the fact that their competition supports diversity and civil rights. Because AT&T, Verizon and MCI don’t censor content carried on their data services that offends the Christian fundies and because they have programs promoting civil equality and civil rights for all Americans, regardless of religious beliefs (or lack thereof), sex or sexual orientation they’re evil.

Just contemplate that for a minute.

Then go have a listen to this mp3 and this one to get an idea of what kind of telemarketing pitch I’m talking about. Thanks to Wonkette for the links.

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