How gadgets make us crazy…

So, why haven’t I posted anything in awhile?

Stupid question. If I were a disciplined writer who could conform to a schedule I’d be trying to get my work published in print. You know, on paper? That stuff we used to read things on before this whole interweb dealie messed with our heads and made us think reading on a flickering screen was somehow a leap forward of some kind?

Anywho, I’ve also been pre-occupied with a number of things, like moving to a new house, a new town and figuring out where to put all of my stuff.

In the meantime though I’ve been having a lot of fun with a new toy my girlfriend gave me (she really is too good for me). I’ve been whining about wanting an iPod for ages. When my friend Jenny got one for Xmas a couple of years ago I was green with envy. That she couldn’t get it to work properly with her computer was no consolation. She had the thing I coveteth most… or something.

Anyway, so what does one do when one gets an iPod? One spends all one’s time ripping one’s CD collection so one can fill up one’s iPod.

See, this is why I wanted one of these consarned things in the first place. The idea that I could potentially carry a little gizmo the size of a deck of cards around with me that contained all of my favorite songs on it was just, well, too damned cool.

My buddy Adam has got one and he uses his like a reference library. If he’s writing a song and he gets stuck he’ll whip out the iPod, find a song with a similar style to it and see how that song writer solved whatever problem he’s facing.

The thing is, this business of ripping CDs into mp3 files is a lot of work. I’ve been at it for over a week now and I’ve just finished the L section of my library. That means I’m effectively halfway through my collection. One week to get halfway through. *argh*

This is how technology, or rather gadgetry, makes us crazy. We re-order our lives to serve the gadgets and gizmos we possess. Something’s not right about that, but I can’t really contemplate it any more. The M’s are beckoning me.

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