California: stupider by the minute…

The latest in what seems like a continuous stream of moronitude to come out of our state government here in California is a proposal to tax drivers by the mile.

Yes, you read that right. Tax drivers by the miles they drive. The rationale is that because Californians are embracing cars with better gas mileage that the state is collecting less gas tax revenue at the pumps.

Here’s where you get to make like a cartoon character, waggle your head rapidly back and forth going yaayayayaayayayayayaya. It makes no sense, as is pointed out quite well by Atrios here.

The thing is, Californians are so ridiculously allergic to any kind of tax that regardless of what proposal gets put on the table it’s going to get shot down, reasonable, unreasonable or otherwise. We have a real mess of a fiscal problem in this state primarily because of the so-called tax reform movement that started here with the Jarvis-Gann Initiative in the late 1970s and because of the absurd statewide initiative process that has allowed every special interest group and their brother Bob to put mandated funding laws on the books.

The result is that we have shrinking state revenues and escalating fiscal commitments simultaneously and that leads to crackerbrained bullshit like half of the Bay Bridge remaining seismically unsound for the past fifteen years (and likely to remain so for at least another five years because we have a puddin’ headed actor for a governor) and parents having to buy paper and pencils for their kids to use at school (so their kids can do homework assignments based on 25 year old textbooks that are assigned by uncredentialed nincompoops instead of credentialed teachers because only a total fuckwit would work for the pathetic wages the California public schools pay).

It continues to amaze me that people move to California in droves every year under the very mistaken impression that this state has anything going for it besides nice weather. I live here because I was born here. It’s my home. But why someone would leave someplace else with non-pothole filled roads, decent schools, lower crime rates, reasonable housing costs and a rational cost of living is totally beyond me.

Of course if all these ninnies would stay out of California and all the previous migrants would go back to wherever they came from we might not have such a fiscal nightmare here, housing prices would probably be reasonable and when elections came up shit-for-brains initiatives wouldn’t pass and actors wouldn’t get elected governor.

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