Postcards from intolerance…

Some people.


The degree of homophobia in the Bush Administration is just sickening. Margaret Spellings, the new Secretary of Education, makes her first public statement since taking office a denouncement of a childrens’ program on PBS called Postcards From Buster for an episode that was going to feature a lesbian couple. Apparently in Ms. Spellings’s world children are so fragile and stupid that they need to be protected from knowing that human beings are capable of loving one another in different ways.

PBS has pulled the program from the network; however, several PBS stations, including WGBH in Boston are planning to run the episode anyway. The offshoot of this may be that PBS be required to set up a panel to review childrens’ programs before they can be broadcast to approve their content.

I guess these folks don’t watch much commercial television, eh? Apparently there’s nothing wrong with showing children half-hour long commercials for toys disguised as cartoon programs but if you show a happy lesbian couple that’s just beyond the pale.

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